Tootles and Feeling good..

I just have share something that happened in my class today!  I was seriously teary and my heart is still full.  Earlier this week I taught my kinders how to write a Tootle.  Yes, a Tootle.  For those who haven’t heard of the PAX Good Behavior game (we are going school-wide this year), a Tootle is the opposite of a Tattle.  It is a note to say thank you for making our school a wonderful place to be.  Students are encouraged to be specific about what they are thanking the person for.  (You can get more info on the PAX GBG here: ).

We started off by writing Tootles for our ketchup and mustard partners (oral language practice partners), in order to learn the process.  Students have to write Dear (friend’s name), Thank you for….(picture), From (their name).  I call these the “have to” words.  After that, I encourage them to use invented spelling to finish up what they want to say.  It went well and we hung them up on the Tootle board.

Then, today we had a very untimely sprinkler malfunction and fire alarm.  It caused us to have a delayed lunch, recess, and, of course everything else in the afternoon.  When we finally got back to our classroom, my littles were very dismayed to discover that we had eaten lunch during writer’s workshop.  They were so bummed that I let them take a vote on what we would do next – rather than just skipping it.  (Yes, I am in love with the fact that my kinders LOVE writer’s workshop! #blessedteacher ).  As you can imagine, we ended up keeping writing and skipping something else.  It felt like the perfect opportunity to let them write Tootles to a person of their choice.  It was so sweet to see them writing to their friends.  They were so engaged and worked so hard!

Before we could hang them up, they had to deliver them to the person they wrote it for and tell them why they had given them a Tootle.  My little one who has medical issues with her fine motor skills and struggles to grip even the special crayons we have for her spent tons of time working on a Tootle for her friend.  He also struggles in communication.  When she finally gave it to him, they were both SO excited.  He ran up to my assistant and I, carrying the Tootle carefully.  He said one of the clearest and longest comments I’ve heard from him so far this year, “Look teacher!  She made me a Tootle and, isn’t it SO cute?! That’s so nice!” She was beaming, he was beaming, and I was SO proud of them both.  It seriously melted my heart.  Best. Day. Ever.

#happyteacher #sweetkids #lovemyclass #PAX #PAXgbg



4 thoughts on “Tootles and Feeling good..

  1. This is a most wonderful blog post about PAX GBG and Tootles, Kandi. We want to include this in our forthcoming 4th Edition of PAX GBG. We’d love to have some pictures of their tootles and your class (if possible with appropriate permissions, of course). Please let me know.

    Dennis D. Embry, Ph.D.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear from you. I would be happy to send some pictures. I am honored to be included! I will just need to obtain permissions. I will email you with more detail. Thanks again!


  2. Awesome job!!!!! Russell said he miss you and the whole school… Maybe we will stop by soon until then keep up the great work happy holidays


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